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Laugh Out Loud Funny Health Care Speaker


You need a guaranteed speaker for your health care meeting. You want your people slapping you on the back saying, “Great choice in speakers!” “Awesome!” “Best health care speaker we’ve ever had!” You need Brad Montgomery.

Brad has the experience to pull it off, the skills to make it very funny, and laughing-audiencethe ability to make it relevant. Your people will understand that Brad “gets” them. He’ll make it valuable, memorable, very funny…. and will absolutely connect his program with what they you’re eager to accomplish with your meeting and what they are trying to accomplish at home and (especially at work.)

As a Health Care Speaker, Brad Will…

• Meet with you before the event to make sure your objectives are met. (This is nearly always done by phone conference.)

• Customize and tailor his program so that it is about you…. it’s about your organization and your audience. (This makes it funnier and way more relevant.)

•Create a Guaranteed Killer Keynote Speech and Deliver it with humor. If they aren’t laughing, we’re not doing it right. Concretely connected to what they need to hear.

• Help you with Pre-Event and Post-Event follow up. Nobody can create lasting change in a single hour or 90 minutes. It takes work and follow up. Brad has a million ideas (Ok, about twenty) to make sure the event is more than a really fun flash in the pan. He’ll help you make it a killer fun experience that is the beginning catalyst for lasting change.

• Offer up a full slate of choices about how to get the most bang for your buck at the meeting or convention. Ask him about his “menu!” Go ahead, we dare you!

 Best of all, he’s a sure thing, iron-clad guarantee.

You can find comfort in the LONG list of Brad’s happy health care clients. But also, Brad’s program is guaranteed. He’s been at this for over two decades and has never been asked for a refund. But of course that offer is there.

Folks LOVE Brad:

“They loved him! Hi picked them up, reminded them of their higher purpose, and made us laugh. What else could we ask for!? We’ve never had ANY speaker earn a standing ovation before you!”
– Karen Beavers   Board Member, Conference Planner, Arkansas Homecare Association

“Exactly what we needed, Brad.”
– Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

“Your funny tactics and enthusiasm really got the audience going. The feedback was tremendous.”
– Mary Broesch, Security Life Reinsurance. ING Group

A Testimonial by Mayo Clinic for Brad Montgomery, a motivational speaker

Partial list of Brad’s Health Care Clients:

American Medical Response
Mayo Clinic , Minnesota
Arkansas Home Care Association
Montana Hospital Association
Hospital Association
Oncology Nurses Association (Kansas)
Cardiac Nurses/Orlando FLAnthem Blue Cross / Blue Shield   (California)
Colorado HMO Association
San Juan Regional Med Ctr
Global Healthcare Exchange
American Lung Association
South Carolina Rural Health Care Association
University of Texas Health Care System
Colorado Medical Lab Association
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
Wyoming Hospital Association
Spalding Rehabilitation
Humana Hospitals
Boulder Hospice
Grand Junction Medical Society
Mary Mother of Francis Hospital in Tyler, Texas
Haven Hospice (Florida)
Wellpoint Health Networks
Medical Education Collaborative
Colorado Public Health Association
Mesa County Medical Society
Emergency Medical Services
Pikes Peak Mental Health
Forest Pharmaceuticals
Pacific Care
Kaiser Permanente
The Assoc for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA)
The Assoc for Healthcare Auditors
California Assoc of Health Facilities
Centers Health Care
IASIS Healthcare
Lincoln Healthcare Group
Riverside Health Systems
Rural Health Summit
Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center
WA Center for Dental
Denver Area Health Care Recruiters Association
Greater Philadelphia Assoc of Health Underwriters
Global Healthcare
New Jersey Assoc for Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Hospice of Dayton
State Office of Rural Health
Hospice of North Shore & Greater Boston
Midwest Eye Consultants
Apex Healthcare
Katzen Eye Group
The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses
LifeCare Services
Phelps County Regional Medical Center
Case Management Society of America Long Island Chapter
DNV Healthcare, Inc.
Advocate Health
Marquis Companies
Shady Grove Fertility
University of VA School of Medicine
St Peter’s University Hospital
Assoc of Health Care Auditors & Educators (AHCAE)
Haven Hospice

Many dozens more!  Many!  Dozens!

Guaranteed Health Care Speaker

Health Care Speaker Brad is an hilarious health care motivational laughing-audiencespeaker and entertainer. Although he has had success in nearly every industry, he has been especially successful in the health care industry as an healthcare keynote speaker. Open your conference with a hilarious program with an important message. Or turn Brad loose on the weary masses after a full day. You have a hit! Make your job a whole lot easier. Just book Brad.

Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational speaker with a Medical Lab full of health care experience. He’s spoken to more hospitals, health care associations and medical related corporations than you can shake a stick at. He’s got a long list of happy customers… and he wants to add you to that list.

Healthcare Speaker Brad is an hilarious health care motivational speaker and entertainer. Although he has had success in nearly every industry, he has been especially successful in the healthcare indust ry as an healthcare keynote speaker. Open your conference with a hilarious program with an important message. Or turn Brad loose on the weary masses after a full day. You have a hit! Make your job a whole lot easier. Just book Brad.“Brad did a terrific job for us! His humor, upbeat attitude and message – coupled with his gift of magic – proned to be a winning combination.”

– Jan Henderkott, Grinnell Mutual



“Incredibly Funny…But not JUST funny, your message was right on and inspired them…. I’ve giving you an A+ rating.”

Stacey Petersen, Montana Hospital Association

Brad Montgomery presents a hilarious and entertaining healthcare keynote with a message. Using his own blend of Hilarious humor, as well as his Award-Winning magic, Brad reminds us that our lives are Fun & Funny, and Filled with Magic. Brad urges health care groups to remember that magic doesn’t have to mean vanishing tigers and floating women; sometimes discovering magic is as easy as stopping to smell the flowers.

Learning to rediscover the magic in our lives helps us to live well, to be well, and even to work well. Brad presents programs on change, humor in the workplace, motivation and even After Dinner entertainment. Brad’s healthcare clients use him to open or close the convention, or for making their group smile somewhere in between.

He is a professional speaker and humorist. Use him to open or close the convention, or to give ’em a lift somewhere in between. Brad is a speaker for keynote speeches, funny speeches, seminars and break-out sessions. You can even use him for the after-dinner entertainment. Need a speaker, keynoter or presenter? Need him to be funny? Need a health care speaker? Just book Brad.

“I have never been so engaged in all my life, you were hilarious and captivating. You made everyone laugh and walk away with a great big smile. I had many attendees come up to me following the meeting and told me how great you were. “He is just what we needed,” “it was wonderful,” “he was so funny,” were only some of the comments that I received about you. Trust me, in a time where regulations, Medicare, State Health, Nursing Board, and dealing with the sick and the infirmed…….you were certainly a welcome delight in our often sad and forlorn world. Thanks so very much for bringing us back to ourselves and allowing us to laugh and enjoy a meeting! Thanks so much for the book, it is wonderful. I will certainly will let folks know about you. May God richly bless you and your family.”

Karon Beavers, RN
Director of Home Health Services
Drew Memorial Hospital
Monticello, AR 71655

Guaranteed Motivational Speaker


Need Proof?  More testimonials for Brad’s work in the Health Care Arena

Still not convinced?  Here are some health care testimonials:

Health Care Speaker Testimonial About Brad:

Health Care Speaker Testimonial; another raving health care fan!

A health care speaker testimonial from Mary Mother of Francis Hospital in Tyler, Texas:

What is a HealthCare Speaker?

Brad: Honestly, I’m not sure. But I can tell you this….I’ve worked for nearly every industry. But for whatever reason, I’ve done a great deal of work in the healthcare industry. I have experience working with hospitals, healthcare associations and medical groups of all types. So if you are looking for a motivational keynote or a funny healthcare speech… and if you want a speaker who has lots of experience witn health care associations and groups… Just Book Brad.

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Brad spoke recently to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.  See the video of Brad as a Hospice Health care speaker here.

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