Recently I worked as a motivational speaker for some super high achieving sales people.  These are people who’ve sold the most in their particular company, and who were being rewarded by their bosses with a fancy conference at a fancy resort, with fancy food and fancy speakers (that would be me!).  Before I started, I would have told you that these guys were the most jaded, cynical, seen it all kind of folks, who’ve done it all and heard it all.  But I was wrong.  Turns out there is something they haven’t heard enough.

When I told them they were awesome, important, and what they do makes a difference, I was surprised to find out afterwards that they were both thrilled and touched.  Many of these battled-hardened sales guys (and when I say guys, the vast majority were guys) came up to me and told me how they really appreciated the message that I was giving them.  What was the message?  You are appreciated.  You are important.  You are making a difference.

Apparently no one, from the supermarket checkout lady to your kids’ elementary, middle school or high school teacher to successful business sales associates, can get enough of being told just how important and appreciated they are.  No one hears that enough, not you and not me.  So armed with this knowledge, you can become a super hero.

Go out there and say thank you to your family, to your work mates, to your friends.  Say thank you; you are important; I appreciate you; you are making a difference.  Say it to your kids, say it to your spouse or life partner; say it to your kids’ teachers (especially to them!); say it to your boss; say it to your assistant.  If what they are doing with you and for you makes your job and your life better and easier, tell them so.  Let them know that they are important to you and that you are grateful for them.

This small investment in time and energy, to do something for others that you believe in, is tremendously satisfying; it will make your day better.  If it feels uncomfortable for you to give someone genuine, heartfelt thanks and gratitude, ease into it.  Try it with one person per day for a while.  Then increase your dosage.  It will get easier with each telling.  Soon you will be a pro at it, and you will feel the effects of this marvelous tonic.  Plus you will reap the rewards in all of your relationships.  Who knows?  It may even make you some new friends, get you a raise, or best of all, some kisses from your children.  Giving praise, authentically meant, will give you a raise.  

If your company needs a business speaker or a motivational speaker who speaks to the people side of business, call me.  My name is Brad Montgomery.  I’d love to talk with about how you too can get the most out of your business relationships, your productivity and your job satisfaction.  Contact us here