The How’s And Wise of Happiness at Work

Happiness and what would it mean to your organization if your team was able to increase your productivity by 25%?

Like you, Brad Montgomery believes that because we spend so much time at work we should find ways to maximize our happiness on the job.  Common sense tells us that happiness is valuable.

In this keynote, Brad goes beyond common sense to explain that there is some really cool — and fairly new — science about just how valuable happiness at work is. Not only does happiness just plain feel good, it has a direct business payoff. Happy people outperform their unhappy peers in pretty much every measurable business metric.

Best of all, Brad teaches the science behind how we have a MUCH greater handle on our own happiness than we tend to think.

Happy people are:

• More Creative

• More Productive

• Healthier  (Fewer Sick Days)

• Better at customer service

• Better at Sales

• More Innovative

• More Loyal

• Better Leaders, and they

• Stay on the job longer.  (Better employee retention.)

• The Business Value of Happiness

• The Surprising and AMAZING Science Behind Happiness

• How To Be Happier at Work:  Strategies & Techniques

Bottom line:  you can’t afford NOT to consider how happiness at work affects your organization.

In this dynamic keynote speech Brad Montgomery teaches the Hows and “Wise” of Happiness at Work.

“Really, Really Cool… Excellent!”                       — MillerCoors    (See the video: click!)

Check out this video, to hear Brad discuss this topic.

Here’s What We Know:

1.  We have a greater ability to shape and create our own happiness than we think. This isn’t just some rah rah motivational speaker talk. This is science. This is fact.

2.  When we resolve to be happier we do better individually, better with our families, and perhaps most relevantly, better at work.

3.  Happiness can be broken down into skills that can be taught and can be learned. Brad teaches your people techniques that will improve their long term happiness starting immediately.

Does this sound boring? It’s not!  Brad delivers this message in a engaging, charming, and absolutely memorable way. He delivers the “meat” with enough “sizzle” to make sure they want to learn.

Brad’s unique delivery makes the message powerful, memorable, and actionable.

“… A Transformational Business Experience.” 
—  John Deere Landscapes

The Difference Between This Keynote and Laugh-O-Nomics™?

If you think the description of this keynote sounds a little familiar… A little bit like Laugh-O-Nomics™, you’re not crazy.  You’re right.

The main difference is that this keynote has more content, more science, and more meat than Laugh-O-Nomics™.    Both keynotes are engaging; both teach the scoop on happiness at work; and both are funny.  (Let’s be honest;  Brad is a funny guy and it’s hard for him to completely turn it off.  Oh heck, it’s impossible.)

We have found that our clients like a choice. Some organizations want to ramp up the laughter and the entertainment. Other groups prefer a program with more of the juicy — and often surprising — details of happiness at work.  They want more How-To’s….more strategies they can implement right away.

If you are leaning towards laughter and entertainment, but still want the message, then you want Laugh-O-Nomics™

If you are leaning towards content, information, and fascinating usable info (but still want it delivered with humor and lightheartedness because your people demand it), then you want this keynote.

What’s Next?

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