Would You Like Fries With That?

70% of our clients ask Brad to do more than just a keynote.  You will love the chance to get more out of Brad. He’ll work with you to share his best ideas to make sure the meeting you plan gets all of the accolades it deserves.

Just a Few Extra Emcee Ideas

Master of Ceremonies | MC the entire meeting.

Brad’s a very funny emcee. (And yes, we’re spelling emcee three different ways—you can pick whichever way you prefer!)  Details here.

• Add a concurrent or breakout session.  Deep Dive?  Team- Building? How to implement the ideas in the keynote?

• Add a team building or networking session.

Customized Welcome Video to Send Out Prior to Event  Click for details.

How About Something They’ve NEVER Seen Before?

Brad thinks outside of the box.  Way outside.  Take advantage of these ideas…

• Extended Keynote with “hands-on” interactive learning.  Balloons. Confetti. Laughter.  Applause.

• Get your entire executive team or board members involved at the end with Brad’s Executive Confetti Sendoff.

•  Improv to Improve.  Have your team playing “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” Style games in this interactive session which emphasizes communication, teamwork, attitude, and listening skills.   Details Here.

•  Instant Flash MobInteraction Turbo Style.  It’s impossible to describe.  See the video here.

Panel Hosting  Admit it.  Your panel is loaded with info, but it’s often boring.  Brad can help.

Testimonial by BOEING - So Good We Hired Him back

Al La Carte

Admit it.  Some of these side dishes are scrumptious.   Let us know if you have an appetite for any of these extras, and we’ll get you the details — and probably a new menu.  (Ya think we’ve taken this restaurant theme too far?)

•  Brad to market though Twitter and Facebook.

•  Brad secret shops your organization & creates a report.

•  Brad secret shops your organization and creates a custom video. Details.

•  Brad meets with High Potentials — extra session

•  Extra Concurrent / Breakout

•  Networking Add On.  Insures successful and easy networking for your attendees.   Details.

•  Top Execs Team Building Office Chair Dance.    Details.

•  Executive Confetti Launch     Details.

•  Brad Hosts your Panel   Details.

•  Brad Is Emcee/Host for your entire conference/meeting    Details.  

•  Brad Does his Stand Up Comedy & Magic After-Dinner Entertainment    Details

Call today and ask for a proposal with your favorite extras!

Your meeting is important;  isn’t it worth a 4 minute conversation with Brad & his team to figure out how you can maximize your ROI?  Call 303.691.0726

Brad Montgomery is a Hall of Fame business motivational speaker who speaks to government, association and corporate groups.  He’s relevant and authentic.  And very funny.  Reach him at 303.691.0726