Don’t Just Survive Change.  Thrive with Change!

What would it mean to your organization if your people stopped fighting Change and instead Craved it?  Yeah.  We know.  It would be huge.

Motivational speaker Brad Montgomery is a very funny fellow with some very deep thoughts about change management.

Like you, he understands that the real problems behind change are fear and uncertainty.  Your people don’t like change because “Doing things the way we used to do them” is more comfortable than learning the new systems, processes and thought-patterns necessary for success and long-term sustainability.

Brad let’s them know he understands that their difficulties are real.  Yes!  Change is hard!  Yes!  It’s annoying and difficult.  Yes!  Change is stressful.

Change Management Speaker Topic Explained


But guess what? Change is good.

Your people just need a different perspective.

First, Brad believes that when we stay stagnant we lower our long-term happiness.  Yup, it’s comfortable continue the same way, but it’s not great for our long-term personal wellness-of-being.  It doesn’t make us happy; lack of change makes us unhappy.

Change is tough.  Change is challenging.  And change requires effort.  But in the end, it’s this very effort that helps improve our own attitudes.  Change actually makes us better.

Brad is an “outsider” they’ll listen to.

•  Change is painful.  Yes, it can be good for the organization;  but it also can be really good for them.

•  Change can be exciting, interesting and even fun.

Second, Brad believes that we all need to be reminded the PURPOSE behind change:  it’s to improve ourselves, our organizations, and our place within our industry.  It’s impossible to be an industry leader without continual change and adaptation.

And again, when an “outsider” reminds you people of this very simple truth, the “ah-ha’s” are genuine.

Failing to change and adapt means failing in the marketplace.  It means losing out to our competitors. Eventually it means losing our own jobs.

Finally, Brad believes that the best way to deal with those things which frighten, annoy and trouble us is to talk about them out loud.  What’s better than just talking about it?  Laughing about them.

Once Brad gets your group laughing at all of the craziness they are sorting through at work that craziness suddenly has less power.  It’s less scary.  It’s less intimidating.  It’s less awful.

In this very funny motivational keynote, Brad uses humor, audience participation, stories, the craziest use of PowerPoint you’ve ever seen, and even confetti to create a very solid business message (that doesn’t look, sound for feel like your typical — and dare we say boring?  — business presentation.)

Finally, each program is customized.  Once you decide to go with Brad, we’ll schedule a call for you and your team to coach Brad on exactly what is keeping you folks up at night;  you’ll give Brad the details on your particular change and what it means for your people.

Why?  Because this way it’s not a canned speech that leaves your people cold.  It’s funny. It’s relevant.  It’s fresh. And it’s a concrete way to begin to get you people to not only accept change.  To not not only survive change.  But to learn how to THRIVE with change.

Call today and let us answer all of your questions about how we can help get your people to where then need to be.  Call us now at 303.691.0726


Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational business speaker who speaks about change management, attitude, and getting the most out of ourselves and those people around us.  Oh…and he’s funny.  Really funny.

If you need one of the top business speaker who is engaging and relevant;  if you want a presenter who will make them WANT to learn, then you’re ready.