Punched Up Peppy Panel

A High-Energy Answer to the Panel Discussion

Yes, panel discussions work. Yes they can be well-received.

But let’s face it; they aren’t always high-energy laugh-fests. The info is good; the energy can be lacking. And when the energy lags, so does the learning and the retention.

Solution: Brad Montgomery’s Punched-Up Panel Palooza

It’s a high-energy, creative and entertaining way to share best practices from your top achievers (or leadership) with the rest of your team. Brad facilitates and hosts a panel discussion of your top achievers.

Teaching + Learning + Fun = A Successful Meeting

(Translation: People learn best when they are laughing.)

A Brainiac Comedian Interviewing Your Most Successful Folks!

Fun panel discussions are successful panel discussions.

It’s funny. It’s content rich. It’s an awesome way to teach and learn. It’s Valuable. It’s Brad!

People trust their own data — and that of their peers — more than anything that “the experts say.” In this segment (or full program) Brad takes advantage of this adult learning concept to make sure that we effectively transfer knowledge from those that know to those who want to know. And we do it with laughter, fast pacing and humor. Which helps with stickiness and retention.

Brad comes prepared ahead of time to make sure he knows what skills and mindsets need to be taught. You help write the questions. You help develop the direction. Brad will rely on his decades of experience as a comedian and speaker to keep the conversation lively, fun, upbeat, and energetic.

And your Top Achievers will look and feel like geniuses; but better yet, they’ll effectively teach through this peppy panel. It’s fun. It’s content rich. Your attendees will leave with a smile on their faces, a spring in their steps, and with knowledge and answers they’ll implement immediately.

Looking for a killer master of ceremonies for your Panel Discussion? Want to ramp up your panel into a Panel Palooza? Contact Us here. 303.691.0726

Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational speaker.  Though he lives in Colorado, he works across the country and around the world.  Looking for something fresh? Authentic? Engaging?  Contact us today to and let’s talk about how Brad will customize an event to make your convention or meeting epic. 


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