I just got back from speaking to a group of Salt Lake City Utah speakers at the National Speakers Association — Utah chapter.

Magician and speaker Brad Barton and I got into an interesting conversation, and I wanted to ask your opinion.

We were discussing whether or not the “average person” really wants to see a magician, or if they would prefer to see an “entertainer” or “comedian” or “speaker.” Heck, some folks would rather see a mime! (Hey! Be cool… some of my best friends are mimes!)

So often, folks (wrongly?) connect the word “magician” with a kids’ entertainer — a guy in a funny hat, goatee, and magic-wand making bunnies appear out of hats while shouting, “abracabra!”

So when those of us who cater to groups of professional adults (as opposed to amateur adults?) mention the word “magician” we risk being wrongly categorized with those kids’ magicians. We lose the job.

Therefore, if we want to reassure our clients that our programs are geared to corporate and association audiences, we need to go lightly with the word “magician.”

What do you think? I dare you to leave a comment. :)

(Ok, I admit it – I use the word “magician” in my site… take a look.)

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