I believe that humor has two parts: the ART of Humor and the SCIENCE of Humor. (Pal and fellow corporate comedian Mark Mayfield helped me articulate this point.) It is totally possible to teach the Science part of humor… the anatomy of a joke, some easy techniques that are just formulas… they work for any audience. And we can talk about how to learn the art.

But that second part, the ART of Humor is a toughie. Yes, I can (or any studied humorist can) help others become more funny. Yes, I can help you make your presentation less dense, and I can help you can connect with your audience. And I can help you understand and immerse yourself into the art of humor.

But in the end, you’ll have to teach the ART to yourself. And not everybody will master it.

So… yes, humor is teachable… but only to a point.

What do YOU think? Can you teach (or learn) how to be funny?

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