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How Do You Become a Comedian? In this podcast we join corporate comedian David Glickman as he tells us about his first paid job as a comedian. Believe it or not, he got this job in the newspaper Help Wanted pages: “Wanted: Comedian.” Can you believe it?

What follows is a crazy and true story about the first of David’s 2000+ experiences as a comedian. The short story is that he was the “voice” behind a remote-controlled robot that visited high-end parties in Southern Florida in the 1970s. With a microphone and a headset, he could hear what people would say to this robot, and then with his microphone he could “answer” back. Wanna find out what happens when this budding comedian meats the ultra hot (at the time anyway) rock star, Meatloaf? I won’t give the story away, but suffice it to say that it was funny, and that it earned the comedian a raise.

Listen to the entire podcast. (Scroll down!) Thanks David!

Brad Montgomery
Corporate Comedian, Public Speaker, Fan of David Glickman

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