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One funny speech! This speech topic helps your group to understand that real magic happens in their lives everyday. Magic doesn’t have to mean vanishing tigers and floating women; sometimes finding magic is as easy as stopping to smell the flowers. Or remembering to giggle. Or to do funny thing.

Learn how to Present Funny Speeches from a Very Funny Speaker

Brad has been presenting funny speeches for over 2 decades to corporate and association audiences all over the United States.  In this program, Brad reveals some of the tested and proven techniques he’s honed over decades.  Do you want to learn how to be funny?  Wish you could add the “Funny” to YOUR “speeches.”  Then sign up today and we’ll send you a free hour audio about how to get started.

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Who is Brad Montomery? Brad Montgomery is a corporate entertainer with a message. And he is seriously funny. Using his own blend of Hilarious humor, as well as his Award-Winning magic, Brad reminds us that our lives are supposed to be fun and funny in his very funny speech. Great for opening or closing the convention, or even for the after-dinner entertainment. “Because People Learn Best When They Are Laughing.”

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