There Are So Many Speakers! How Do I pick the Right One for Me?

As Brad’s Granny used to say (and we are paraphrasing), “You can’t throw a dead cat without hitting a motivational speaker.” The good news is that there are a ton of them out there. Bad news is it’s occasionally difficult to sort out the real professionals from entry level speakers or even wanna be speakers.

We think you should look for (at least) four things:

1. The video. Does it look like it was shot in front of a live audience or in somebody’s basement? Is the audience engaged? Are YOU engaged?

2. Body of Work. Does your motivational speaker have a very long track record, which helps guarantee that this speaker will be successful when it comes to your event? For example, there are some very old videos of Brad on YouTube. He’s not proud of them… But he is proud of the fact that they show he has been at this very difficult business for years and years and years. When you hire Brad you know you are hiring an exceptionally experienced professional.

3. Authenticity. Do you feel like your prospective speaker is authentic or canned? If your audience doesn’t truly connect with your speaker then you are wasting your investment.

4. Check With Recent Clients. Ask your speaker for references and referrals. It’s a great idea to look for some happy clients a ways back. But it’s also totally reasonable to ask to speak with, for example, the five most recent clients.

How Much Does a Motivational Speaker Cost? Motivational Speakers Fees?

Generally speaking, with the exception of celebrity speakers, fees are a reflection of the guarantee. A low fee speaker might do well on a good day. But if you have to hope that your speaker is having a good day, you might do well to invest more to get more assurance.

Brad charges for value. This means that he doesn’t charge by the hour or the minute. He doesn’t charge more depending on the audience. He sets his fee depending on what value you need. Theoretically you have hired a motivational speaker because you need your people thinking or acting differently. What is that worth to you? And what would it mean to you and your organization if your speaker could deliver?
The truth is that pricing is ridiculously difficult without knowing more about your event, what you need, what your people need to hear, how much planning and customization you and Brad feel is important to guarantee success, and six or eight different additional variables.

Check out this video of Brad talking about How Motivational Speakers Charge:

Fees are hard to put on a website. Give us a call and we’ll ask a few simple questions and then offer a few ideas.

How Do We Hire Brad? What’s the Process?

Our job is to make it easy. Once you have decided on Brad just call or email us. We will take care of the rest. We will send you a ridiculously simple letter of agreement. We will set up a conference call between you and Brad. And we will get you all of the supporting documents you could possibly need. (For example, audiovisual information, photos of Brad for publication, articles for reprint in your newsletter or Internet, etc.) If you need anything at all, just let us know and we will get it to you as soon as possible.

If you have interest, Brad will record a welcome video for you to send to your people. Or, if you have a desire to create a follow-up system… Ask us on the phone… This is an awesome idea… We will get started on that as well.

We don’t mean to belabor this fact, but it’s important: just tell us you want Brad, when and where, and we will take care of the rest.

Is Brad A Business Speaker? Or a Funny Speaker?


Brad has worked for years to create programs that both delight and surprise business audiences. Brad believes that if they aren’t listening you have wasted your time. So he works to make sure he is engaging, funny, and generally the opposite of what people probably expect when they hear “motivational business speaker.” He wants your people to be engaged. He wants them to learn. He wants you to feel that your investment in him is your best investment in a speaker ever.

Yes he is a business speaker. Yes organizations rely upon him to deliver hard-hitting, relevant, and fascinating messages for their people. And yes, he is very funny.

What’s the Secret to Caesar Salad?

It’s the garlic. Use fresh, and use more than you think you should.

How Long does Brad Speak? How Long Are His Programs?


Ok, we’re kidding. Sort of.

The short answer is Brad speaks however long you want him to.

The longer answer: the most common times are 60, 75, and 90 minutes. Brad’s favorite time is always, “As much time as you can give me with your people.”

Let’s hear it from Brad: “it’s very difficult to create lasting change in 45 or 60 minutes. My favorite are 2 to 3-1/2 hour seminars. I call them Expanded Keynotes. These longer sessions allow me to take your organization through a typical keynote – which involves me doing most of the talking. But because we have more time we can also insert some hands on learning and exercises – which involves your people discovering. In the end these blended sessions create the most impact. They create the most change.”

The short-EST answer: Brad will deliver a program in whatever time is best for you. He has done 15 minute keynotes, and he works for organizations for multiple days. Give us a call and allow us to hear what your needs are, and we can strategize together to deliver the perfect program in the perfect amount of time for you.

Brad Has A Bunch of Topics. How Do We Choose?

Although Brad has several topics, generally speaking he helps people to get the most out of themselves and those around them. He helps people to be awesome.

You could look at the different programs, but to be honest our happiest clients are the ones who have a phone conversation with Brad to specifically pick and choose the messages and messaging most appropriate and valuable to your organization. Sure, you can pick one off the shelf from this website. But we think when you are picking a motivational speaker the best way is to speak with Brad about a strategic plan specifically customized and tailored to your people and your needs.

Give us a call and we’ll get started crafting a topic that will make you look terrific in front of your people.

I’ve Seen Some Really Mediocre Motivational Speakers

It’s likely that you’ve had a bad experience with a motivational speaker.

It’s likely that you have seen a speaker who seemed:
• Canned
• To be “Phoning It In.”
• Plastic

Brad is the real deal. And by that we mean he is authentic. Yes he has a lot of important things to say. Yes he says it in a way that is entertaining and engaging. Yes he is very funny. But best of all he is just a real guy who helps us get through our lives with grace and style.

What’s Brad’s Favorite Color?

Green. Or Blue. Whatever.

Is Brad Guaranteed?

Yes. Totally. 100%.

For years Brad had a policy that he would never take money from an unhappy client. One day he realized he should take that policy and make it public. So here it is: if you’re not satisfied you won’t pay a dime.

Brad has been at this for nearly 30 years. Nobody has ever asked for their money back. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a hint. You are going to love Brad.

To be honest, Brad understands that you have more riding on this decision than the motivational speaker fee. You are investing heavily in your meeting or convention. The opportunity cost alone of bringing your people into a room to see a mediocre speaker is fairly astronomical.

We also understand that your reputation is on the line. People are counting on you to bring in somebody who doesn’t disappoint. Won’t it feel good when your people realize you have arranged somebody who totally over-delivers?

Sure Brad guarantees his fee. But more than that, his track record, his awards, his place in the Speaker Hall of Fame, and — if you like — a call with Brad to discuss your event is really all of the guarantee you need.

Brad will make you look great. And we guarantee that as well.

Is Brad a Motivational Speaker, an Inspirational Speaker, or a Business Speaker?

Yes. No. Okay, the real problem is that all these phrases are horrible. Brad is all of them. And Brad is none of them.

Motivation is tricky. Brad doesn’t motivate your people. Instead he feels that he removes barriers that prevent them from motivating themselves. Brad helps people to believe in themselves. He helps them to remember they are important. He reminds them that they are awesome.

Yes, many of his clients call him inspiring. Yes, the phrase motivational speaker is probably the best description of what he does. Yes, businesses hire Brad all of the time.

How about this: after you have Brad work with your group you help us to create a better phrase. :-)

Can Brad Customize his Keynote Speeches?

Yes. And we make it easy for you.

Brad is able, after one or two phone conversations, to get the gist of what you need. Many times he’ll end up calling representatives from your audience. Perhaps a front-line employee? Or a mid-level manager? Perhaps one of the C-suite peeps? He’s done this a lot and is pretty good at getting to the heart of what you want, what they need, and how he can help. The best part is that he does all of the heavy lifting.

What Do We Do Now?

Now we’re talking! Pick up the phone and call us so we can answer any other questions you have, and so we can put your event on Brad’s calendar.