If you want to know how to be a funny professional speaker or how to be a comedian, then you’ll want to read on!

We’re nearly ready to launch The Humor College.
It’s going to be AWESOME, but I need your help and
am willing to pay for it.

[This is a new series that will teach humor and
comedy skills. If you want to be funnier in front
of an audience, this program will be right up your alley.

We’ve assembled some of the top funny folks in both the
professional speakers world and the comedians world to
put together something really special.]

I need a small number of “beta testers” who will go
through the system, check the technology, make
sure all is well, look for mistakes and errors, report
the errors back to us, and then get ready to learn.

You’ll get all of the Humor College goodies… all of
the recordings, transcripts and CDs, and in exchange
for your help, you’ll get them all at half price. (You’ll
save about $150.)

In other words, you’ll get the product (which you’ll
love, trust me), you’ll get it at half price, and all you
have do is to help me make sure the technology
works, the CDs arrive on time, the links are correct,
the instructions are clear, etc.

Who’s up For it?

All you have to do is to post a comment on this blog entry
with the reasons why we should pick you to be
on the money-saving Beta team, and we’ll let
you know very soon.

Write a short paragraph, send a funny photo, tell us
why your qualified, bribe us, make us laugh…. do
anything you think will help us pick you. If we do
pick you, you’ll save about $150. And besides, you’ll
be helping make the world a funny place.

Just comment on this blog, (and make sure we know how to contact you), convince us to pick you,
and you’re on your way to being funnier at a discount.

Cheers! Good Luck! And Thanks!

Brad Montgomery

PS. Want to see what product you’d be helping with?
Go here:

PPS. Being funnier pays. And with this contest you’ll
have a chance to prove it immediately! :)