I’m back from Missoula, Montana where I got to do my motivational humorist speaker thing for a great group of Montana government employees — the Unemployment Insurance Division.

What a wonderful group of hard-working,  under-appreciated folks! It was fun to work with such a group that was ready to laugh. This group has had a record of fine speakers (most recently corporate comedian Mark Mayfield and motivational humorist Tim Gard) and therefore was totally ready to have a good time.   Besides, they work hard for folks who don’t always say, “thank you” and they really deserve a break.
We spent some time talking about looking at their jobs from a different (and funnier) perspective, and teaching them how to take some of the humor back to their workplace.

Here’s the Reader’s Digest Re-Cap:

1. Find stuff that makes you say, “How Cool Is That?!”
2. Choose to have fun. (Seriously… just decide that you’re gonna do it.)
3. Dare to be a Dork. Take a chance; play! You can’t be stressed about work when you are playing…. give it a shot.

One of the funniest things happened we talked about how I was confused (Ok, I was an idiot!) and got to the site the night before the event in the pitch dark.motivational speakers in montana In the dark, I found a statue of a bear that scared the heck out of me…. and we all laughed about how colorful and festive the bear looks in the daytime.

What’s the point? Humor is everywhere. At work. At home. And in Camp Mak-A-Dream. Need proof? Ask the bear… he is still laughing.

(And yes, we are all still looking for that missing “e”. )

Special Shout Out to UI’s Ben:  You made my day.  Keep on, my man!

Hey Montana UI: What was the one thing that you took away from the program? What is the “ah-ha” you got from our humor?
(Leave a comment below!)

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Humorist Speaker, Business Comedian, and Huge Fan of Montana UI

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