On a recent trip to do motivational speakers’ thing in Orlando, Florida I finally got smart: I took one of my kids. I took my nine-year-old Claire.

During the trip, I kept thinking, “I’m an idiot, why don’t I bring family on these trips more often?” Because we had more than a good time; we had a blast. Suddenly the movie on the airplane was a HUGE big deal. The cab ride to the hotel was fun. And the hotel… well… it had a pool!

The problem with bringing my kids (or my wife) on my frequent business trips is that it just doesn’t make sense. It’s a pain. They miss school. It’s expensive. It’s a bother.  (To deal with make up work, baby sitters, etc.)
But I’m an idiot… because it also makes these trips more fun. And I mean REALLY fun.

Do you go on business trips too? Eager to add a bit of humor to YOUR job? (And you should be.) Learn from my mistakes and take your family. Yup.. it’s crazy. So crazy that it’s brilliant.

Brad Montgomery, Motivational Keynote Humorist, Business Traveller, Dad

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