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The questionnaire follows, because we know some of you are so you just can’t wait.   But there are two easier (and better ways) to get Brad up to speed on your people and your organization:

1.  After you book Brad, we’ll set up a call between you and Brad to discuss ALL of the details.

2.  If you just want to download it as a WORD document that’s easy too.  Click here. 

Thanks for your help. These  questions will help Brad to give you the best program possible. The more specific details are, the better!  

If you prefer to just go over these points w/ Brad over the phone, that’s fine too. We want to do whatever we can to make it easy for you.

(Note: Brad often works with groups where many of these questions don’t apply. For example, for associations, there is no ‘central water cooler’ where folks gather to gossip;  and there is no shared office culture. But even with those groups, if you can help with other inside-details the result will be terrific.)

Here is a good rule of thumb:  if this stuff isn’t obvious to at least 65% or 75% of the group it isn’t appropriate and you can skip the question. In order to be helpful — and funny— it has to apply to (at least most of) the entire group.

Any questions?  Please don’t hesitate to call Brad at 303.691.0726


Name of Group:

Your Name:

Emergency phone number for day before and day of event?:  (Cell?)

Number of people in audience:

Male/Female Ratio:

Age of Audience Members:

What will the audience be wearing?  (Jeans, Ties, golf shirts, sports coat?  (Note:  “business casual now means many things.   What does it mean to you?)

How will they be seated?

Is there anything I should NOT mention?   Sensitive areas to be avoided?

If Brad’s program were a movie, how would you want it rated?     

G      PG     PG-13

President’s (or CEO’s/Manager’s/Boss’s) Name?

Will he/she be in the audience?

Ok to call attention to/gently tease this person?    

*Who is(are) your main competitor(s)?


What is unique about your organization/industry?

What does your group do?

What do the people in the audience do?  Job titles?

!!  What are Brad’s objectives for the program?  What do you want him to accomplish?

Who determines success for this event?  How will it be determined? Measured?  (Evaluations?  If the boss is happy?)

Note:  these next three questions are very important to Brad

**What are 2 or 3 very specific challenges your people face?  (Example:  XYZ software is difficult to learn, the competition is gaining ground, new XYZ procedures are difficult, new XYZ rules/legislation,  etc.)

**Name 1 very specific task your people absolutely hate?  (Example:  Filling out form 123-B, completing the monthly reports, monthly CRM Audits, reporting to the off-site managers, etc.)

**How can Brad refer to the entire group by job title or function?  (Example:  As you know, for you Financial Advisors/Nurses/Health Care Professionals, …    Brad needs a specific phrase to use in a specific joke.)

**Name a group of people your folks hate.  (Example:   internal auditors, OSHA, the IRS, Oversight boards, etc)

What  would your people gripe about… After the 3rd beer?   (Come on!  Dig deep… what do they whine about?   What is the little, petty stuff that makes them nuts?  What is the big stuff they might think about but not mention?   e.g.  Breakroom is a mess, the parking always full, etc.)

*Are there inside jokes that may be helpful?    What are they?

*What is the most recent “buzz” around the water cooler?   ( Layoffs?  A  newly released product/service? A new manager or staff?  A broken coffee machine/elevator/computers?  A  new policy that employees are talking about?   A local hangout or bar.  An employee with particular dressing habits?   Somebody in the office everybody  knows and (lovingly) makes fun of?  (NOTE:  Everybody  in the audience must know about these points for them to be helpful.)

This one is important:   Specifically, what phrases or jargon do your people use? Acronyms?   (Eg:    clients are called “members.”)

What are some specific things that co-workers/clients/bosses/customers might do that might cause stress?   (eg  For real estate brokers, clients to shop 43 houses are a bother.)

If you had a magic wand you could use to make things at work better, what would you do?

Please provide me with recent  personal  news from your group.  Be specific.  Who got a raise?  Who is new in their job?  Who got an award?  Who got married?  New parent?   I

Fly into what city?

Estimated time between airport and event site?

Ground Transport Instructions?   Taxi?   Car Service?  Special Directions?

Hotel Name:
Hotel Phone:___________________________

Meeting Location (if it isn’t at the hotel):_____________________

Is there a theme to the meeting?  What is it?

Meeting Time: Begin___________ End___________

Brad’s Programs::  Begin___________ End___________

When will the room  be empty for a sound check, etc?___________

What  happens  in the room after Brad is finished?  (Trust us:  people will want to buy Brad’s books, and that is an important part of the experience for them.  Please allow a Break immediately after Brad’s program.)

Where will people go immediately after Brad’s program?  Eg:  coffee break in lobby,  snacks in exhibit hall, etc.)

Anything else I should know?  (Huge news? Recent deaths or accidents?  Big news in the industry?  Is there an “elephant in the room?”)

Most groups want Brad to make resources available to the group.  (For example, he has a wonderful book about the power of humor & laughter and a Humor Tool Kit.)  These resources enable your people to follow up with Brad’s message, and incorporate his theories THAT DAY!   Is it okay for Brad to offer these items for sale after the program?

Yes       No

Please include recent newsletters/industry magazines/company profiles when returning this form to our office.  Thanks!

What’s Next to Book Brad as Our Speaker?

Give us a call.  Many of our clients prefer to just talk through the event, let Brad ask ’em some questions, and take that time to ask Brad as many questions as you might have.

We have EXACTLY the same goals now;  we want to make this event epic.

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