“Oh Please!  Don’t Make Me Look Bad.”

Motivational speaker Brad Montgomery makes his audience laugh and stress free with the most funny inspirational speeches.

You can’t afford a weak business speaker.

You need to:

  • Please your internal clients.
  • Please your audience.
  • Make life easy for yourself.

Brad understands that the first goal of his meeting planners in hiring a speaker is to avoid “horrible.” If their internal clients are moderately happy and the audience is moderately happy, and if nobody complains …then you at least can rest easy.

The irony of course is that everything above mediocre is a bonus. In other words, Brad knows that you’ve probably had bad experiences in the past, and you’ve seen a lot of pretty poor speakers. You main goal is to avoid falling into the trap of booking one of those speaker who makes your people say, “What Were You Thinking?!”

Funny motivational speaker Brad Montgomery audience go crazy after listening him. Book him today!

Happily, Brad not only meets your primary goal but surpasses your secondary goal: Brad is epically awesome. Not only will you avoid complaints and lousy reviews and evaluations, you’ll be heralded as The One who found that really cool guy who blew them away on stage. You’ll get credit for a booking a speaker who is genuinely authentic. Truly funny. And relevant in a way that you haven’t seen in a very long time.

You’ll be the one who not only avoided the wrong motivational speaker, you’ll be the one who found somebody who is utterly fantastic.

The Stakes Are High

Brad takes very seriously the fact that choosing a motivational speaker is risky. Not only are you risking the speaker’s fee, but you have your most important people in one room and simply can’t afford to waste that time.

Furthermore, Brad understands that your reputation is at risk. He understands. He won’t let you down.

When the chips are down Brad delivers. Period. You’re not only safe with Brad. You’re going to be awesome.

A Testimonial by Microsoft for Brad Montgomery, a motivational speaker

Our Meeting Partner Strategy in three words: Part. Ner. Ship.

Okay. Maybe that’s just one. (it depends on your spell check.) Look at the laughing people on Brad Montgomery jokes and funny speeches. Event planners, book the funniest motivational speaker today!

Brad’s theory is that the easiest way to make everybody look good is to make sure the meeting planner looks awesome. He understands that the meeting planners are taking a risk by booking him. He understands that his meeting planners are dealing with a myriad of moving pieces of which Brad is just one. He also understands that if he comes from a place of service – service to the audience and service to his meeting planners — everybody wins.

It’s a good theory. It has kept him ahead of the pack for the better part of three decades.

Brad also knows a thing or two about prima donnas. And trust us,

Brad isn’t one. Brad is easy to work with. He’s flexible. And he’s built a reputation around being a top pro who is pleasant, fun, and absolutely easy.

Brad’s On Your Team; You’re the Quarterback

Give us a call and let set up a call between you and Brad. He’ll give you all of his best ideas about the best way to use him, when and how to schedule this and that… He’ll give you all of the information you could possibly want and more. He’ll work with you to make sure by the time this meeting is over people will know that you are an absolute total meeting professional.

Call now for a free consultation. Let’s figure out the best way to take your beating from good to typically awesome.  303.691.0726

A Testimonial by RE/MAX for Brad Montgomery, a motivational speaker

Brad is a funny business motivational speaker based in Denver, Colorado.  But…he travels all the time and is more than happy to come to you.  Have a meeting or convention that needs a spark?  Ready to help your people focus on the BUSINESS side of people?  Give us a call at 303.691.0726