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A Note From Conference Speaker Brad Montgomery About Preview Videos

1.  Thanks for watching them. Seriously, I’m glad you’re here.

2. Please know that these videos are a random sample of what we have available. I hope you watch them knowing that because I customize every keynote speech I do, this is just a guide. It gives you an idea of what I look like on stage and my sense of humor. It gives you an idea of my message. But please remember that what I do for you and your organization will be about you, packaged in a one-of-a kind format that you will help design.

3.  Videos are very hard to edit because we are trying to show you the best

Conference Speaker Montgomery

possible representation of what a keynote actually looks like. But we are also trying to keep it short enough so that you will actually watch it. This means that each video is an agonizing labor of cutting stuff that we think is pretty good. Keep in mind that you’re just seeing the preview. The actual “movie” is better, deeper, and funnier.

4.  Please remember that part of the process is getting together with you in creating a game plan about what specifically we will do for you and your organization. You will have a huge say in the way your presentation is delivered and what message or messaging will be featured.

5. Thanks again for being here. I know I said this already. But I mean it. I’m psyched and flattered.

6.  Interested in learning about how I might be the right conference or motivational speaker  speaker for your audience? Pick up the phone and give us a call and we’ll chat with you about specifically what and how we would make a presentation unique, memorable, relevant, and generally the best investment in a motivational speaker you’ve ever made.

—  Brad Montgomery is a conference speaker who speaks to people side of business. He helps your people get the most out of themselves and those around you. He talks about using attitude and happiness at work as a strategy to improve creativity, productivity, innovation, and ultimately profits. He helps you invest in your people because that’s what will ultimately set you apart.