He’s a Conference Speaker?

Keynote Speakers Should “Feel” Fresh

No, not that kind of “fresh.”  Read on.

More About This Keynote Speaker

Brad is:

• Authentic.  Not canned.  Not over-rehearsed.

• Guaranteed.  A sure-bet success.

• Experienced.  A three-decade veteran.

• Funny.  Really funny.

• Smart.  He’s an Ivy League grad (Go Brown!),  a blogger and author.  And he’s got some deep thoughts your people need to hear.

• A CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame Speaker.  (Which is a big deal.)  It means he’s recognized as a top keynote speaker by a VERY credible organization.

A Testimonial by Microsoft for Brad Montgomery, a motivational speaker

What Else Do You Need to Know?

Brad’s got a track record of a proven keynote speaker.

  • Kraft
  • Microsoft (“Best speaker I’ve seen in my time at Find audience enjoying the funny motivational sessions with top keynote speaker Brad MontgomeryMicrosoft.”)
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Boeing
  • MillerCoors (“Best investment in our people ever.”


  • CIA — yeah, that CIA,
  • The FBI — yup, that FBI
  • And the IRS, (where Brad withheld 30% of his best ideas.)

He’s a guy who has been there and done that, which means you can sit back and KNOW you have a guy who will make you look good.

What is a Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker?

It’s a business speaker who people WANT to listen to;  they’ll put down their phones because they are engaged.  Brad uses humor to engage and interest them, and then stuffs wisdom in while their mouths are open with guffaws.

He’s full-on funny. Microsoft called him, “Hilarious.”  Your people need to learn. But they also need a break.  They need a motivational speaker who can teach them through the laughter.   They need Brad.

Brad Montgomery has been killing it in front of audiences for his entire adult life.  He’s a business speaker with a background in entertainment.  He’s a motivational speaker who KNOWS how to make audiences laugh.  He’s a funny guy with wisdom that businesses, health care organizations, and governments crave.  Brad Montgomery is the real deal.

Speaking to the People Side of Business

Top keynote speakers should be inspirational, receptive, very funny, and make you look great to your people, your audience, and your Brad Montgomery – The keynote speaker speaks about the business and inspires people to do work happily with all motivation.boss. Enter Brad.

If you’re ready to hear the phrase all meeting planners love to hear, “He’s FANTASTIC!  Where did you find him?!!!”  … then you’re ready for Brad Montgomery

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Brad Montgomery is a meeting energizer, an award-winning (and very funny) motivational speaker who delivers keynotes and speeches to meetings and conventions across the nation and around the world.  He’s based in Colorado, but travels …everywhere!   Give us a call to schedule this speaker for you now.